Friday, January 23, 2009

Ta Ta For Now

It's been rather quiet around here lately, hasn't it? I've been too stressed to feel like eating. I don't think I've made anything this year that I haven't already blogged.
I'm back to basics.
I'm hoping soon I'll feel like eating long enough to cook something. And that I'll feel like cooking long enough to try something new. But not right now.
I'm not going to take down the blog - people are still finding the recipes, even the old ones, through google. But I'm not going to be posting anything more for a while.
If you're one of the lovely people who visits this blog regularly, thank you for the company. It's been fun, and your comments have brought me much joy.
Maybe check back in March.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Strangest Salad Ever

It's that time of year when food just comes together - lots of salads and barbecues, not many things that need a recipe. Who wants to be in the kitchen when it's stinking hot?
This was possibly the strangest salad ever. A pan fried chicken thigh, tomato, snow peas and cold roast potato, topped with some asparagus that had been quickly sauted in the chicken juices. Just yum.
Today is 36 degrees and blustery. I'm not so sure I'll feel like eating else anything but icecream.