Friday, May 16, 2008

Still around...

We are off to Berlin today. Now that I have access to a working keyboard, I've been mentally listing all the posts I'd like to write. About how to eat well (and cheap) in London, and about eating and travelling in general. It's also fun to compare supermarkets - UK vs Australian, but also the difference between Waitrose and Tescoes (they had vacuum packed, fresh, peeled beetroot in the veggie section. odd)
I'm not missing any food related things from home, except maybe the presence of fresh vegetables. The supermarkets here seem to think we are all to busy to prepare vegetables ourselves. And all the veggies in our restaurant meals have been cooked within an inch of their lives. Not that the food has been bad... we've had curries in Leicester and pork pie in Richmond. And last night we ate a restaurant called "Fish in a Tie"!
So stay tuned for more photo's and more adventures. We're off to the land of beer and sausage!

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