Saturday, June 28, 2008

Free prawns from Coles

We went grocery shopping this morning, and bought some frozen prawns from Coles. Did you know that if an item scans incorrectly at Coles, they will give it to you for free? The shelf sticker for the prawns said $12.10, but they scanned at $14.29.
Ryan checked the docket, and got the money back. Free prawns! So this is just a reminder to always check your supermarket docket. You never know what you could get for free : )

We took our extra $14 to High Country Meats and bought Irish sausages, mince and some lamb shanks.

I thought I'd share two blogs I've been reading lately:
Cheap Healthy Good
$40 Gourmet
Full of healthy goodness!


brazen's crafts said...

are you in canberra? i didn't know that! (or is HCM a chain outside the ACT?)

kazari said...

Yep! I am definitely in Canberra, despite the best efforts of friends in Perth, and sisters in London. We like it here : )