Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's all his fault

He left town in a hurry and emptied out the contents of his kitchen onto our kitchen floor. Stuff I'd never cooked with, like miso paste and small dried fish. But also 5 containers of sorbet, and a selection of frozen proteins including salmon and a lamb roast. My cupboards got completely overwhelmed, and they weren't exactly empty to begin with.
Oh, and did I mention I haven't been cooking much lately? And the fridge had an odd smell to it? It was time to go through everything and figure out what the heck I had.
And then the Kitchn Cure appeared.
So I'm a bit late, but I've decided to take part any way.
The freezer! I have 6 sorts of icecream/sorbet! Please ignore the party pies. I believe there's some chicken nuggets in there, too... moving right along..

The fridge. It's pretty empty because it's the end of the week. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. And I only just noticed all the alcohol...
This cupboard is the worst one. I have no idea what's at the back. And yes, that is a jar of sesame seeds labelled 'Dried Pineapple'. The odd contraption on the left is actually our doorbell.

I didn't throw out as much food as I thought I would. There was a couple of bags of dried fruit, some molasses and tamarind paste... but most of the food was still edible (thank goodness!). I found three open containers of bicarb soda. I still have four types of sorbet and icecream in the freezer. I'll post the after pictures tomorrow.


Penthe said...

Did you have to eat up the other two kinds of sorbet in order to clean up responsibly? Because you wouldn't want to waste anything while there's a global financial crisis on.

kazari said...

We are slowly and responsibly working our way through the sorbet stockpile. We finished one container of vanilla icecream, and the wattleseed icecream, and we are now working our way through chocolate, berry and mango sorbets.
It wouldn't be right to waste them : )

Anonymous said...

Molasses isn't bad unless it has mold on it and the old timers would've probably scraped it off and used it even. I have a great molasses cookie recipe....if you can still salvage it. Let me know.

Cath said...

I think anonymous has it on the molasses. Unless actually mouldy, it's probably OK. Useby dates are so conservative - edible honey has been recovered from 2500 year old Egyptian tombs, and people have eaten those mammoths extracted from the permafrost :)

Cath said...

Oh, oops, I forgot the bit where I don't dare to post my own pictures; they will be much worse. Well done on your cleanout, and the valiant assault on the sorbet surplus.