Monday, March 29, 2010

I've been away

Well, not overseas away, more like away with the fairies. I've been messing around with fiction, with blogging with less boundaries and it's all a little heady and sugary and I need something to get the taste out of my mouth.
I need vegetables. I need to get back to blogging about food.
I even have a shiny new camera! Ryan bought me one for Christmas, a point-and-click so I wouldn't have to keep grumbling about how I can't use his SLR. He's taken more photos than I have.
We have a garden now! A veggie patch with an insanely productive basil plant and an accidental eggplant. I've got some great recipes for making eggplant seem like something Ryan might like. And I've made a heap of pesto.
I am actually wishing for the routine of food blogging again, but kind of embarrassed that this poor blog is so neglected. I almost tossed it in for a new one, but I can't bear to abandon it just yet.

So here I am, hopefully back for a little longer this time.
Here's what I think we'll eat this week:
- sweet potato soup
- chops marinated in plum sauce with green beans
- pesto roasted chicken with roast veggies
- pasta with more pesto
- freezer fish and salad from the garden
Happy Monday!

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Red Dirt Mummy said...

Hello hello hello! I'm happy to see you back, in whatever form it might take :)