Sunday, September 23, 2007

A very foodie Sunday...

This morning I woke up too-early for a Sunday, and Ryan and I headed to the farmers market. The salad has arrived! We had a choice of several sorts of chemical-free lettuce, and some 'French Wild Rocket', which I bought. We also got broccolini, tomatoes, sweet potato... I'm not sure what else, but my bags were all full. Ryan bought some more eggs, too.
I spent the rest of the morning baking. I made banana bread, apricot bars and oaty muffins. I would have done Anzac Biscuits as well, but Ryan came home and we wanted to go bushwalking.
We didn't have quite the right map for the walk we wanted to do.
Instead, we stopped for an impromptu picnic.
On returning home early, we decided to see a movie - Ratatouille!
Then we had hamburgers for dinner, with banana bread for desert.

Sometimes, I wonder why I blog about food.
I think I just figured it out.


Rosie said...

Well, that, as usual sounds wonderful! I used to grow that French rocket...but I've been finding it hard to find the seed locally. But we have a similar green called Mountain Cress or Creasy Greens that is very similar. And it's ready in late winter so it's very welcome. Grows wild here.

Ali-K said...

I miss the farmer's markets in Canberra. We have great markets in Melbourne, probably surpassing all other cities (and I can say that 'cause I'm not a melbourne local & therefore can't be accused of bias). But I haven't yet found anything as fresh as Canberra's farmers markets.

kazari_lu said...

Ali - perservere! There must be something like it in Melbourne.. although, I must say I wasn't that impressed with the veggies at the Victoria Markets. I've only been there once there.
Wild cress sounds lovely, rosie! knowing my luck, I'd pick the wrong thing and poison myself : )