Monday, July 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - July 14

We are being carnivorous this week! I got a new Donna Hay magazine with a recipe for slow-roasted pork belly, and things just went downhill from there. Ryan couldn't find pork belly at the shops, so it's just a rolled shoulder roast. And there was a recipe for roast pumpkin wrapped in bacon, so if we bought bacon we'd have to make quiche, and ... anyway. Here's the list:
Slow-roasted pork with sweet potato mash
Spicy Carrot soup with coconut cream
Roast chicken with bacon-wrapped pumpkin (the picture looked amazing!!)
Quiche Lorraine
Baby Meatloafs (also wrapped in bacon)
Beef in Red Wine in the slow cooker.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

If you want to try it again sometime, you can get pork belly from the Asian Butcher at Belconnen Markets.

kazari said...

Excellent! Thanks Alyson. I'll put it back on my to-do list.

Zoe said...

But the Asian butcher in Dickson sells out by the afternoon, so best to go in the morning (as we found out this week!)

Heather said...

I would love to hear how the bacon wrapped pumpkin turned out.

kazari said...

So would I! They are in the oven right this minute, and omigoodness they smell good. They were going to be dinner tonight, until I realised they needed an hour and 15 minutes in the oven... so we shall eat them tomorrow. and I'll take pictures : )