Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cheap Eats in Canberra

We've been away visiting family in New Zealand, so I haven't been cooking or blogging. There's been a LOT of eating though. Coming home to an empty, spidery kitchen was not exactly inspiring, so we've eaten out a lot since we got home as well.
My work clothes are getting tight.
But that's not the point. The point is that there's lots of yummy, cheapish places to eat in Canberra, if you know where to look. Here's a few of the places we've eaten lately. Let me know if you've got any favourites to add!

Turkish Delight, Belconnen. I found this place through my bellydance teacher. Every few months they do a $30 banquet plus a bellydance show. And the dinner is wonderful.

Dickson Noodle House, Dickson. There are a few contenders for best laksa in Canberra, and this seems to be a popular choice. More soup and noodles than you can slurp for less than $20.

Griffith Vietnamese, Griffith. One of our friends eats here at least once a week, and it always seems to be crazy busy. We like the tofu-sticks as an entry.

Cafe Essen, Civic. I still don't know how this place functions with such a tiny kitchen. All the breakfasts are great value by virtue of their enormous size. Ryan loves their chai, too.

PJ O'Reilly's, Civic. Simple, no-frills pub grub. Cheap steak, a choice of three sorts of fish and chips.

Bon Apetite : )


brazen's crafts said...

lol i used to have a website on just this topic ;)

we also love zefferelli in dickson, pho phu quoc in dickson, wok it up in gungahlin.

we ate somewhere else nice and cheap just recently but have forgotten where it was (was the first time)

brazen's crafts said...

oh and NZ sounds fabulous!

Penthe said...

Mmm, Noodle House (drifts off into laksa inspired reverie)

Cath said...

Oh yes, Dickson is full of cheapies.

Zefirelli has just re-opened after renovations. Their non-pizza meals are big enough to serve 2-3 people each. Outrageously huge serves. Not gourmet, but who cares?