Monday, November 24, 2008

When you really don't feel like cooking...

Our schedule has been all over the place since we came back from New Zealand. The menu plans have gone out the window as we have unexpected guests, or unexpected nights out. Right this moment I have two guys grunting and carrying on in the living room - Ryan has started a new exercise regime with a mate! So dinner will be a bit delayed.
We are going to have Nasi Goreng tonight. I've been trying to recreate a version I had back in Perth - nothing's lived up to it since. I've also cooked a big batch of chili con carne - that can turn into at least six different meals later this week, when I'm too busy to cook.
So here's the menu plan:
Nasi Goreng
Chili con carne on baked potatoes
Chunky bean salad
Fish with salad and green beans.

Happy Monday!

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