Thursday, March 29, 2007

Been away

We've been traipsing around the country side, attending weddings and catching up with family. There has been much eating and drinking, but little cooking, writing or photography. We came home to an empty kitchen with a lot of dirty clothes, so menu planning is fairly low on my list of priorities. Instead of a Menu Plan Monday, here is a list of my favourite empty fridge meals.
  • Moroccan chickpea salad
  • tomato & garlic pasta
  • dhal & rice
  • sweetpotato curry
  • tuna casserole
  • omlettes
  • beans on toast, or potatoes, or rice, or whatever carbs are available.
  • corn fritters
  • Donna Hay's three bean chilli

Hope your week is going well, especially now that it's nearly over.

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