Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Three ways with cauliflower

Maybe I give the impression (with the menu planning and all) that I always know what I'm going to cook, and vegetables never get abandoned to the back of the fridge. Well, yesterday I threw out half a kilo of grapes, and faced the dilemma of a whole dinner's worth of cauliflower. We made cauliflower soup earlier, and it was ok but not worth writing about. I should have taken a picture of the cauliflower though, because it was HUGE. A few days after the soup, Ryan made cauliflower cheese. But there was still a heap left.
Where would I be without the BBC recipe search? The answer was cauliflower curry. I was looking for a dry, spiced cauliflower sort of thing. But the one I ended up with was pretty good.
So here are three ways to use up a very large cauliflower.
This isn't the recipe we used (I don't think we used one) but it looks awesome.
This was a great recipe because it didn't require anything that wasn't already in the cupboard. It was very photogenic too, unlike the soup.
Cauliflower Cheese
Does this need a recipe? Steam or microwave the cauliflower until just tender. Make white sauce, add lots of cheese. Pour white sauce over cauliflower, add more cheese (and maybe something crispy, like crispy bacon or cracker crumbs) and then grill until golden.


agaqueen said...

I know everyone thinks you don't need a recipe for cauliflower cheese but believe me I didn't know how good it could be until I tried Simon Hopkinson's recipe - it does take longer but the result fully justifies the effort.

kazari_lu said...

I'll have to search it out! We are really enjoying our winter veggies at the moment