Thursday, January 10, 2008

Frugal Food Tip: Fish in the Freezer

As part of my healthy new year, I'd like to be eating more fish. We're all supposed to, aren't we? Except, you should try not to buy big predator fish, because of the mercury. And you should avoid farmed fish, because it's fattier, and unsustainable. Beware of contributing to fishery collapse by following the Green Peace 'sustainable fisheries' guide. Make sure you choose 'Dolphin Safe' tuna, but then, Ryan doesn't like any fish in tins anyway...
It's all too freakin' hard!
Even if you find the perfect, mercury and dolphin free salmon steaks, from wild Alaskan salmon... there's my food budget for the week!

I give up. I've been buying my fish in the freezer section of Aldi and Supabarn. There's a couple of different brands, but basically, I can buy a 1kg bag of firm white fish fillets for around $10. Easy, cheap, versatile and (heavy metal poisoning aside) I'm doing the right thing for my health.

Tonight we had chilli and basil stirfry, with steamed fish. It was good.

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Anonymous said...

hello from victoria street
your words on fish are so true.It is suppose to be brain food and also as your grandfather thought a good aphrodisiac.He once sent me an article soon after we were married about this and I was shocked as grand fathers don't generally speak of these things.