Monday, January 07, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - January 7

Happy Monday! Well, actually, not so happy for me. I went to a funeral for a work friend, it was shockingly untimely and very, very sad. Between that and the heat, I don't feel much like eating, although I'm sure I'll make room for icecream.
But this is a new year, and with good health, and healthy living very much on my mind, here's the plan for the week:
Salad and left over tempeh
Smart (vegetarian) chilli, on sweet potato
Fish and more salad and couscous
Sweet potato pasta with spinach and feta
Basil Chilli Chicken stirfry. (actually, we already ate the chicken, so it might have to be broccoli stirfry. sorry ryan)
Whatever the last frozen veggie meal is lurking at the back of the freezer.

Hope your week started better than mine.

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