Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Canberra Food Bloggers

I've discovered there are many more food bloggers in Canberra than I knew! I thought I'd put a list out of the ones I've found, but if I missed any, please let me know:

Brazen's Culinary Adventures - this is one prolific lady! With a thermomix. I'm not entirely sure what that is, but I'm beginning to think I want one.
Food History - not just a prolific poster, Gillian also knows everything there is to know about food history. I loved her recent posts about food for invalids.
The Canberra Cook - Another regular poster. If Ryan would ever let me make Corned Beef, I'd love to try her recipe.
Progressive Dinner Party - seems to have many friends that help out with posts. And my favourite recent post was her riff about the farmer's markets here in Canberra. Thought provoking.
Then there's Faux Cuisine, Eat Australia, Flagrant Food Fawning and Gnashings Capital. None of them have posted much lately, but I'm hopeful!
For other more general Canberra fun, there's Riot-Act and Culturazi (good coffee reviews).
Sadly The Canberra Blog Community seems to be a bit of a ghost town.

Two more discovered as a result of this post: eat at dixie belle's - love the tiara - and Mouthfuls of Heaven - oh my, they share my Nigella fetish!

hmmm... maybe I should have just posted my feed reader...


brazen's crafts said...

aww thanks, and yes you do want a thermomix lol

and thanks for a couple of new links i haven't seen before!

and here's one more for your collection http://eatatdixiebelles.blogspot.com/

Bells said...

thanks for these!

A friend and I have a food blog called Mouthfuls of Heaven which is devoted to making Nigella Lawson's recipes. It's at www.mouthfulsofheaven.blogspot.com
We go through bouts of updating regularly, then nothing for a while.

kazari said...

Excellent! I'll definitely add these two to the list. Thanks for stopping by : )

Dixiebelle said...

Thanks for the link Brazen!!

Jem Jems Food Blog said...

Hi my name is Jem and I live in Balconnen Canberra. I'm passionate about cooking and things food related. I run two blogs one of which is a food blog. I post lots of lovely photos, recipes and a couple funny stories about failed cooking experiences.I've lived in Canberra all my life. I would love to have more followers and would love to be featured in your blog. Many thanks Jem.