Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - on Tuesday

I am sick. I had high hopes of posting every day this month - I have a backlog! But right now I don't feel like doing anything but grumping. When I get a cold, I just can't sleep properly - lying down is too uncomfortable. So I've been frowsing around, making Ryan miserable. You'd think two days off work would allow for much blogging, but everything I write comes out as an evil rant.
Oh dear, I think I just did it again.
Anyway, the focus this week is healthful invalid food. Starting with Chicken Soup.

Chicken soup, with tinned peaches and custard for dessert.
Fish parcels with sesame carrots and green beans.
Chickpea and Roast Pumpkin Salad
Pizza Night! I have friends coming over on Thursday - hopefully I'm better by then.

Happy Monday!


kathryn said...

Chicken soup + tinned peaches and custard, what perfect invalid food. Get well soon.

pbrobinson said...

Hope you get well soon K. If its any consolation I've had a cold and the summer in the UK currently sucks! P

Candelaria said...

Chicken soup will do the trick.
And - don't worry about rants - it's your bloggy and you can write what you want to.
I, too, love food (if you saw me you'd know this) but, for some reason, I rarely write about my cooking although I did do a post about what I love about food.
It's Friday so I hope you're much better.