Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Balck and White Bean Soup

A few weeks ago, the blog party hosted by Dispensing Happiness was all about black & white. I had meant to participate, I even found a recipe, but due to a lack of black beans, I didn't quite make the deadline. However, I'm just in time to take part in Veggie Ventures' February Focus: Soup's On.
It turns out that black beans are a bit hard to locate in Canberra. The didn't have them at Coles or Woolworths - not canned or dry. I eventually located dry turtle beans at the health food shop. And I'm so glad I did! This soup is funky to look at (even dinner party standard, if you like a gimmick), very frugal, very healthy and tastes great. I apologise for my rotten photographic skills, which don't do the soup justice. I am slack so I skipped the salsa in the taste.com.au recipe. But Ryan and I had fun trying to pour the soup into the bowl.

The stock I used was fairly dark in colour - I think the soup would have had more contrast if I'd used a lighter stock. As well as contrasting colours, the flavour of each soup was markedly different, making for a very engaging soup experience.
As an added bonus, the soup froze really well, so I got to have it for lunch all last week.

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Alanna said...

Hi Kazari ~ After all the trouble of finding black beans, how great that the look and taste were so worth the effort! Thanks so much for participating in Soup's On!