Sunday, February 25, 2007

What's in your freezer?

I mentioned last week that I was cleaning out my freezer. It's not a huge freezer, just two shelves worth at the the top of our fridge. But I use it a lot. All meat I buy gets portioned and frozen, and all left overs get frozen in lunch-size containers. At any given time I have the food for 4 or 5 meals in my freezer - not the 'simply re-heat' kind, but easy enough for a week night. Ryan also likes buying the discount bread rolls when we do evening grocery shops, and they go straight in the freezer as well.
So here's the inventory from last week (which has already changed quite a bit):
Home-made chicken stock
Home-made vegetable stock
2 bags of marinaded chicken wings
Puff pastry
2 pieces of casserole steak
pork ribs
1 Chicken leg fillet, and 1 huge chicken breast
1C cooked chicken
1 bread roll
1 bag of Ryan's latest muffins
2 containers of bean soup
1 container of dhal
1 container of home-made mushroom soup
Home-made curry paste.

This week I'll let you know what sort of meals those ice-blocks became.

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