Monday, February 12, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - February 12

It rained all day yesterday, so it was perfect cooking weather. My freezer now contains a couple litres each of chicken stock and vegetable stock, plus some left over soup and two sorts of marinated chicken wings. There was also brownies, corn bread and many mini-quiches for our friends' 30 birthday, which is next week! But on to the main attraction (and hopefully more about our all-day-cook-up later).

Sunday (yesterday, nevermind): Cornbread and spicy chorizo soup.
Monday: Home made pizza (with more of the chorizo sausage)
Tuesday: Creamy mushroom pasta bake. (No chorizo, no cream of mushroom soup either. I don't use tinned soup in anything)
Wednesday: Valentines day! I'm going to the wholesale seafood market and getting oysters and salmon. Oysters balsamic & sticky glazed salmon for dinner. Don't ruin the surprise!!
Thursday: Veggie stirfry
Friday: Sticky barbecue porkribs

Happy Monday Everybody!

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