Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Best Ever Pizza-base recipe

I just realised I've been writing recipes here for months and posting my menu plans for ages, without ever sharing the secret of my pizza. If you have a flick through, you'll realise that home-made pizza features frequently in my Menuplan Mondays. That kinda worries me. But I justify it by making the pizza from scratch. It's hardly an authentic recipe, but it's quick, tasty, smells awesome, and hasn't failed me yet.

Aussie Pizza Dough (or pizza with beer)
4 Cups self raising flour (White or wholemeal, or a mixture of both is nice)
tsp salt
pinch of any dried herbs you like - often basil & oregano at our house, but none are necessary
1 can of beer

Ok! I admit it! I use beer in this recipe! But trust me, it works.
Mix up all the dry stuff, then add the wet stuff. Knead lightly - it doesn't need to be beaten up. If you have time, rest in the fridge for half an hour wrapped in gladwrap. It's very stretchy dough, when you do finally roll it out. Make sure you flour your pizza tray. Add the toppings of your choice, and leave it in a 180 degree oven for around 20 minutes. Smells all yeasty. Yum.

We normally get three big pizzas out of this, so a half batch is a good dinner for two.


Red Dirt Mummy said...

This sounds great! I have pizza on this weeks menu plan so I'm going to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

What topping would you recommend?

I am quite keen to try the base but not sure what to put on it.

Anonymous said...

What would you recommend to use as a topping?

I am very keen to try it but unsure of the toppings to use.

kazari said...

Any of your standard pizza toppings works well. I like ham and pineapple. Ryan is partial to roast sweet potato, chilli-flakes and salami.
Often we'll just have capsicum, tomato and bacon.
For a sauce we use pasta sauce, or a mix of tomato paste and barbecue sauce

Anonymous said...

I have just recently moved out of home for the first time and I'd just like to say that this recipe is my favourite. So easy and So yummy.

kazari said...

thanks anonymous! we made it last night, and it always works out.
i'm glad you like it.

Tanya said...

Hi there, I just wanted to check with you on the size of the beer can you use. I buy 330ml cans and one didn't seem to be quite enough so I had to add a little from another can. Thanks Tanya

kazari said...

Hi Tanya!
I use whatever beer is hanging around the house (and as Ryan buys it, it could be anything). I think i've used cans before, but if it's dry, I'd just add some water.
hope this helps,
oh hang on, the resident beer expert informs me that a regular beer can here is 375mL, so maybe you would need a little more.

Tanya said...

Many thanks for that. My goodness this recipe is so easy and yummy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm living in China where it is hard sometimes to find ingredients that I want. Well, The beer works well. I must use lge bottles of beer so I must drink the left over. Pity about that.


kazari said...

Uh oh, all that extra beer!
What a tragedy : )
You'll have to do your duty and make sure it isn't wasted.

Anonymous said...

Hi there sounds great am trying now just wondered can you freeze dough and or already made pizza? Thanks

Stephanie said...

That is an interesting recipe. Have to get some beer to try it. (My husband will be so disappointed! HA!)

GreeN said...

Freezing dough and/or ready made pizza is absolutely fine! Just don't try re-heating after cooking :)

Didi said...

Dear Kaz this sounds mighty like the pizza base your mother brought you up loving.It gives me warm fuzzys to know it is being handed down the generations