Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Campfire Cookery

We got lucky with our campsite on the weekend - we had our very own fireplace, complete with barbecue plate. There was a fairly substantial supply of firewood, and the evenings were crisp but not unpleasant. Combined with some salt and some plain flour - the recipe for hours of messy fun.

Something worth noting: The traditional lump of damper in hot coals method NEVER, EVER WORKS.

You end up with a horrible gooey mess encased in a rock-hard crust that tastes like, well, flour and water. At least Ryan's looked edible.

A more successful method is to wrap the damper around a stick, but it will break off (or fall off) if you have the consistency wrong. At least it won't be gooey in the middle, but who wants to eat their bread off a stick?

Given a hotplate, it's possible to make something a little more edible. I couldn't decide if these were more like chapatti's or tortilla's, but they tasted pretty good with eggs. Next time I will take some oil as well, and practice making tortilla's as per Hillbilly Housewife's suggestion.

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