Monday, April 09, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - April 9

We have been camping since Saturday Morning, and spent all day Friday making Hot Cross Buns (there will be a post, soon!). This means I only have the bones of a menu plan...
Tonight we had a roast chicken breast with some vegetables - it was supposed to be roasted with couscous, but there wasn't any. The veggies in question were capsicum, tomato and red onion. Very colourful, to make up for an almost vegetable-free long weekend.
Also in the freezer is some pork stirfry strips - so there will be pork stirfry, probably on Wednesday.
I have a giant sweet potato in the fridge. The first thing that came to mind was sweet potato risotto, but I'm thinking soup might be better. I haven't made a sweet potato soup before, but pumpkin is always good.
Ryan flicked through my latest Donna Hay magazine and suggested fish pie. That takes us up to Thursday...
Chickpea curry. The ultimate pantry dinner. And an alternative protein source. Excellent.

Roast Chicken with Italian vegetables.
Pork Stirfry
Sweet potato Soup
Fish Pie
Chickpea curry.

Happy Monday! If you got one, I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

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