Friday, August 17, 2007

Gozleme Recipe

I have re-written this post a heap of times. I'm not sure why, but the gallery software I use is having a heart-attack over the photos. Then the internet connection would die, and it wouldn't save my edits... It's latest attempt to frustrate me involves rotating the photos 90 degrees when it uploads them. Gack!
Gozleme are Turkish flatbread that are stuffed with something good. Usually spinach and feta, although there are a heap of variations. I found a great recipe here. The dough is just flour and yoghurt, which is pretty healthy, and really frugal if you make it with home-made yoghurt. Once you've made the dough (which is soft and stretchy and very forgiving) you form it into pasty kind of shapes, and fill it with good things. In my case, that was leftover chilli con carne, and leftover vegetables and gravy from a Red Rooster Classic Roast pack. I'm not sure why I had that hiding at the back of my freezer, but never mind. Anyway, I thought the gozleme would be a great entry to Project Foodies' Leftover Tuesday #7.


Foodie Pam said...

Gozleme sounds like a great way to use up lots of different types of leftovers - perfect for a pantry raid!

traceyleigh said...

Ahhh I have the perfect beef curry that will fill these nicely! Thanks :-) and mmmm yes, spinach and feta would be nice for a lunch thing.

Tanya said...

Mmmm. Looks amazing.
Is it bad if you intentionally make dishes just so you can do stuff with the leftovers? Cause I do that a lot, and, um, I'm tempted.