Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chicken Stock

After the excitement of new things, life has settled a little. The slow cooker had a wobble, so we'll be exchanging that on the weekend. This means my chicken stock is now just bubbling away on the stove... not cleverly slow cooking without me! I don't mind too much - I just enjoy making stock. It makes me feel all self-sufficient and domestic goddess-y.
The stock will go into a baked chicken risotto, loosely based on Donna Hay's recipe in The instant cook. My version is going to have pumpkin, pine nuts, and a bit less chicken, because that's what i've got this week.
I don't often do a roast chicken, but I did this week. I love the idea of rubber chicken, from Flylady, using every last part of the chicken. So we had roast chicken with roast vegies on Sunday. We both took leftovers for lunch (yum), had chicken burritos on Monday (with leftovers as well). Tonight, I've stripped all the remain meat for the risotto. And put the bones in the stock pot. So one chicken became 5 meals for two.
Hang on, maybe it's more than that:
  • Roast dinner, plus two lunches of leftovers (2)
  • Burritos, plus chicken wraps for lunch (2)
  • Chicken & Pumpkin risotto, with 4 lunches left over (3)
  • 3 Cups of chicken stock left in the fridge for (maybe) soup.

Not bad for one not-so-big chicken!

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