Friday, November 10, 2006

A spinach disaster : (

Last night I did curries for dinner. Spiced lentils, rice, popadums, chutney and spinach curry. The spinach curry is a great recipe - I've used it a lot and it's always turned out fine. But not this time...
On Sunday we got to the vegie markets rather late. All the loose leaf vegetables were gone, but I picked up a bunch of greens on the $2 table. They were kinda funny looking - like overgrown baby spinach, or really fat rocket leaves. I thought I'd ask what they were, but I was pretty sure the guy would just say 'Spinach, silly!' so I grabbed it.
As I washed the leaves for dinner last night, I had a nibble on it - it was SO bitter.
"Don't worry," I thought. "As long as it's thoroughly cooked, the bitterness will go."
Besides - I was cooking them in a very spicy onion sauce. You wouldn't be able to taste it anyway, right?
When we sat down to eat, the greens looked great. Unfortunately, they tasted horrible. Even the curry sauce couldn't mask the bitterness, and the aftertaste was horrible. Ryan didn't attempt a second mouthful. And I wasn't brave enough either. At least we had more than enough lentils.

I guess the moral of the story is: don't buy mystery greens.

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