Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Toys

The gifts from our wedding registry arrived on Friday. I wanted to go home early to look at them, but couldn't leave work. When we finally opened them that night (while eating quiche) there were a few much-anticipated kitchen things. We got a slow cooker, a new blender, a beautiful cake stand and some new casserole dishes. Also a very nice new stainless steel pot, which Ryan is excited about. (He is fed up with our other ones.)
AND a new Donna Hay cookbook! Off the Shelf

I have planned our meals for this week around the new kitchen things. And then (with the grocery money we didn't use while away) we did a bulk butcher shop. We should have enough meat for us for around a month.

So the plan for this week is:
- Roast chicken with roast vegetables (I'm not sure yet if i'll roast it in the slow cooker)
- Chef salad
- Chicken burritos
- Dhal and spinach curry
- Chicken risotto (with stock made in the slow cooker)
- Minty pesto pasta (from Donna Hay, using new blender)

We are off to the fyshwick markets to get this weeks vegies.

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