Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beetroot Risotto or 'My Goodness that's pink!'

I'm not quite sure where the inspiration came from, but beetroot risotto made it onto our menu plan this week. Last night I came home from the gym to find Ryan madly stirring, and the result was incredibly colourful, and incredibly tasty. The chunks of roast beetroot were firm and earthy. The risotto was creamy and slightly cheesy. It was a much more sophisticated dish than we had expected, and we'll definitely cook it again.
Ryan says he pretty much followed the recipe at Though small, it is tasty.


Almost Vegetarian said...

That is interesting. I tried beets a while back, and just was not fond. But I plan to try them again. Interestingly, I also planned to try my hand at risotto. So, I'm getting ideas here ...


kazari_lu said...

Definitely try it!
And roasted too - just chop one up with your carrots and potatoes next time. They are so good : )