Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cheesy, boozy goodness

This was a rare evening of nothing-planned. No gym, no climbing or classes or social happenings. We had a leisurely dinner, with a candle. We had car things and mortgage things and paperwork to discuss and fill out. Ryan wrote an email. All very ordinary.
But we had been saving an unordinary dessert. One of those recipes you see, that looks so decadent and delicious that you remember it for years, but never quite get around to making.
I made it. Next time I probably won't share it.
It was that good.
Camembert with port raisins
1 small camembert round
2 tablespoons of port
2 tablespoons of raisins
Heat the raisins and port in a small pot until just boiled. Set aside to cool. Cut the top off the cheese, and scoop out the middle. Put the raisins inside, squash in as much of the cheese as you can, and put the lid back on. Wrap the whole cheese in greased aluminium foil. Heat a frying pan on low, and put the cheese on the heat. Leave it there for 10 minutes, or until it's soft and warm all the way to the top. Eat with water crackers, and maybe some more of the port. Seeing as you opened it already.
I found some other great looking camembert recipes too! Check out Warm Camembert with Wild Mushroom Fricase or Brussel Sprout and Camembert Gratin in Butternut Squash.


Red Dirt Mummy said...

Ooooh! This sounds fantastic. Another one for the 'must make' list.

I especially love your serving suggestions, "and maybe some more of the port. Seeing as you opened it already." This would make it a dessert Hubby would REALLY enjoy LOL.

Liz said...

I am thinking of making this for DH's birthday in about 6 weeks time... Do you think the cheese gets heated through properly so that pregnant people could eat it?

kazari_lu said...

Liz - i'm not really sure. The last thing i heard about soft cheese and pregnancy was that in australia, soft cheeses are only made with pasteurised milk, so they are safe.
but i'm not an expert.
i guess you could just cook it until it's really, really gooey.