Monday, June 18, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - June 18

I'm still finding new and interesting recipes in my Delicious magazine. Here's the plan:
Lamb cutlets and fritteda
sang choy bau
chicken with Vietnamese caramel sauce
lentil salad
crispy bacon & cauliflower pasta

Happy Monday!


Ali-K said...

I'm loving your Menu Plan Monday! I'm trying to work my way through a hoard of recipe clippings by cooking a new one each night. It's such a great feeling sitting down at the beginning of the week and saying "What yummy food do I get to eat this week?"

kazari_lu said...

It's fun, isn't it?
I find that, by deciding at the beginning of the week, I can be a lot more creative. No more discovering I can't cook what I want, because I didn't buy the right stuff.

Kat said...

Wow, the chicken with Vietnamese caramel sauce sounds great. I get the UK deliscious magazine buthaven't seent his. Any chance of a recipe. I wish I was organised enough to menu plan. My freezer is so full, It looks like I need to follow your lead...

kazari_lu said...

hi kat,

i will post the recipe - it's a new one for me, too!
Just a warning though, it was horrendously black and thick and messy. tasty, though